Topic: Polyfest

Almost 90,000 turnout for ASB Polyfest 2015

By Te Kāea
  • Auckland

Nearly 90,000 spectators turned out to this year's ASB Polyfest.

On the Māori stage, top contenders from division one had their turn in the spotlight.  One of the 12 teams that hit the stage was, TKKM o Hoani Waititi Marae who are no strangers to the ASB Polyfest.

According to Khlani Paenga, “The best things are the practices and meeting students from other groups and regions.”

“Winning isn't the most important part but being able to feel that Māori environment and spirit,” says Khlani.

Another school trying their hardest to claim the Auckland secondary schools regional title is James Cook High.

Eyes have also been pinned on Western Springs group, Ngā Puna o Waiorea, who came third at the National Secondary Schools Championships.  So far they have been setting the standard at ASB Polyfest 2015 as they look to secure their fourth consecutive title here.