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Aboriginal protest continues as Australian PM plans visit to New Zealand

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A number of rallies have been organised across New Zealand over the coming weeks to show support for the Indigenous communities of Australia battling to save their remote communities from closure.

As the battle of the Indigenous people of Australia continues, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is preparing to visit New Zealand next Monday for the Dedication of an Australian Memorial at Pukeahu Park in Wellington.

Last Friday supporters of the Indigenous communities affected by the impending closures rallied in Sydney and Melbourne and other areas of Australia to show opposition to the decision of the Western Australian government, a decision supported by the Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

This Saturday a gathering of people in opposition to the closures will be held in Auckland to raise awareness of the situation. A number of musical artists will attend the event to perform and show their support which will include Fran Kora.

Event organiser for Saturday’s gathering, Christina Lajdes says, “The amount of support has been mind-blowing. I thought that some people would care, but this seems to be hitting home pretty hard with everyone I've spoken to. Every conversation I've had, from here in Auckland, to people in the communities in Australia; from musicians, to media, friends, to anyone that I've crossed paths with, have been inspiring. The Facebook event was up for 4 days and showed 300 as attending, so it is a big issue here as well.”

The 1st of May will also see gatherings held simultaneously both in Australia and New Zealand under the banner of an Official Call to Action to Stop the Forced Closure of Aboriginal communities. The Auckland contingent of supporters led by Marama Davidson will gather in Auckland central.

While the conversation surrounding the closure of these communities continues to flare both online and on the ground, New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key has remained tight lipped on the issue refusing to comment saying, "this is a matter for the government of Australia.”

However Māori MP’s have been more vocal with their support for the Aboriginal communities affected.

Earlier this month Gerry Brownlee denied co-leader of the Māori Party, Marama Fox leave from the House of Representatives to vote on a motion to condemn the Australian Government’s impending closure of remote indigenous communities in Western Australia.

To find out more about the upcoming gatherings follow the links below.

Saturday the 18th April

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