75c Big Macs at McDonalds Queen St, Auckland

By Aroha Treacher
  • Auckland

Lines are out the door at the McDonalds store along Auckland's Queen St, as the franchise takes it's menu back to the original asking prices - 40 years ago.

It is celebrating it's 40th birthday since being established right here in New Zealand, and has refitted its Queen St restaurant with decor to match the 1970s era.

It's menu is at rock bottom prices compared to today's prices, McDonalds lovers can pick up a Filet-O-Fish for 65c, a cheeseburger for 40c and a milkshake for 45c, there is nothing on the menu that costs more than a dollar.

However, the special is only running today from 10am - 2pm. There is a limit of only six items per customer.

There is also a special offer available to those who visit a McDonalds restaurant outside of Auckland. Any purchase today will see them given a voucher for a free Big Mac.