6-year-old shows off talent at Ōruru Valley Rodeo

By Heeni Brown
  • Northland

The rodeo Christmas circuit is well on its way and today it arrived at Ōruru Valley.  At the event we met one of the youngest competitors there, Holly-May Church who was battling the barrels with her older and bigger cousins

She's a tiny-wee thing, and yes, she's only 6-years-old and she doesn't have an ounce of fear in her.

It's the Junior Barrel races division and there are four Church girls in the one race.

Paige Church says, “You always want to beat your cousins but sometimes it doesn't work out but mainly just here to have fun, winning is a bonus I guess.”

It's not just the Church girls you have to watch out for in the races, you also need to pay close attention to the Causer girls.

While the sport may look a little scary to the average person, it seems riding is the one thing that makes these girls happy.

The next rodeo is in Mangamuka tomorrow.