3 Māori musketeers introduce art hub

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Darryl Thomson, his brother George Nuku and their sister Karmen Thomson, are a family of internationally successful Māori artists. 

He and his internationally successful brother George Nuku who has come home from his France base, and their sister Karmen, have plans to turn Ōmahu into an art hub where authentic Māori works of art are created.

Darryl says, “The idea is to give the locals something to do, hopefully develop our village into a far more exciting place, without turning it into Te Puia or something.”

A two-day workshop to encourage positive creativity in the youth is just the beginning of the journey for them.

Ōmahu Marae can see the huge opportunity for their youngsters and who knows, we may be looking at the next international success story in the making.