21 tonnes of oiled debris collected in Tauranga

  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

21 tonnes of oiled debris has been collected in and around the Tauranga Harbour and Ports of Tauranga.

According to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council around 95 percent of the oil which spilled into the harbour last week has been contained and collected.

Mobil estimated around 1500 litres of oil had leaked into the harbour on the 27th of April during a ship bunkering operation.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Regional On-Scene Commander Peter Buell says, “The oil is contained at the Marina with sorbent booms, but there are a number of oiled boats which will need to be cleaned over the next few days. Most of the oil from the water surface has now been captured. There’s still work to be done, and this will be time consuming.”

Local iwi are continuing to work with council at Matakana Island and also played key roles in advising and assisting clean up operations around Maungatapu and Motuopihi.

In a press release issued on the 1st of May, Mobil said it had set up a claims process to handle issues directly resulting from the incident and at the time of it’s release 38 calls had been received.