2,000 plastic bottles for 'Bottled River'

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

World-renowned artist George Nuku, from Omahu Marae in Hawke's Bay, will display his latest installation, Bottled River, in Hastings. 

It's an installation that requires at least 2,000 plastic bottles.

France-based Nuku has come home to complete two projects, one in Napier and one in Hastings.

"I propose to make an art installation that speaks about the Ngaruroro River and also speaks about multi-national companies and how they operate in regards to our resources like water," says Nuku.

The river installation is a variation of his Bottled Ocean exhibition witch he has taken to Taiwan, Belgium, France and New Caledonia.

"These organisations like Fonterra and formerly Monsanto, I'm implying that they act like gangs and they act in this manner- like a gang operates.  The difference being that they have incredibly large resources behind them."

A labour-intensive piece, a rotation of schools have been brought in to help create jellyfish from used plastic bottles and bring the work to life.

"It's about connecting our young people with the issue of the plastic bottles and the best way to do it I've discovered is using your hands and creating art."

Bottled River will be part of the EAST exhibition at Hastings City Art Gallery and the second separate installation to be at the MTG Napier.