2000 plants stolen from Flaxmere community garden

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Some 2000 plants have been stolen from the Te Aranga o Heretaunga Marae Community Garden in Flaxmere.

These plants were destined to feed hungry families, but thieves cut through the wire barricade and vandalised the garden.

Te Aranga o Heretaunga Marae chairman Henare O'Keefe says, "Angry yeah, really mad because whilst we continue to give out this kai but it's been diluted so we'll have to recoup it from somewhere along the line and a family will miss out and I'm really mad for that reason.

Do these people really know the impact that they've had not only on us plus the inconvenience, the heartache not to mention they have literally taken kai off families tables." 

Thieves cut through the wire barricade in the weekend and stole bags of pine cones destined for the elderly and broke parts of a newly installed sprinkler system. 

The garden was set up in 2009 and is 5.4 hectares full of mature fruit trees and vegetable patches, where everything is available to the community free of charge.