200 year celebration of Samuel Marsden's arrival at Oihi

By Te Kāea
  • Northland

Today the Governor General Sir Jerry Mataparae joined MPs, a range of church denominations and local Māori to commemorate and celebrate 200 years since the arrival of Samuel Marsden at Oihi where he preached his first sermon to Māori.

According to Shane Jones, “Ruatara provided the land and Samuel Marsden brought the seed and today we continue to receive the fruits.”

Once obscure it is now a place where foreigners and kiwis alike can learn of its importance to the Māori people and of its significance to the nation.

Kitohi Pikaahu says, “We're reflecting back to the time our ancestors welcomed the Christian missionaries and to date we continue to spread the gospel.”

A church service will take place on Christmas day to commemorate the 200th year to date, since the arrival of Christianity.