$10.4 million set aside to combat sexual violence

By Heeni Brown
  • Auckland

As an initiative in this year's budget, $10.4mil has been given to fronline services for sexual violence.

Dr Kim McGregor says “it's $5.2 million for two years but we have waited for this for nine years so we are really delighted that we actually have it”

But it's peanuts when you're needing to combat sexual violence, when statistics show, around 22% of New Zealand girls and 10% of New Zealand boys have experienced sexual abuse

“There are large areas of the country where there are no services and particularly for children there are very few specialist services so we have to rebuild our infrastructure” continues Dr. McGregor

According to the Report of the Taskforce For Action on Sexual Violence released in 2009, the Treasury estimated that sexual offending costs the New Zealand economy $1.2 billion a year. But it's a calculation Dr Kim McGregor says is from 10 years ago.

“We believe that that estimate could now be closer to 5-7billion per annum” says Dr. McGregor

Now, Dr McGregor wants a national campaign approach on sexual violence and more awareness around this topic.