$10 million investment into Hastings district water supply

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

The Hastings District Council is undergoing what it says is the single biggest investment into the district's drinking water supply.

Investing $10 million into a water pipe that is aimed at future-proofing the water network from contamination. 

It'll be 4.2km long and will be a new lifeline, pumping water from the Hastings aquifer to Havelock North.

"This is one of the biggest parts of our water strategy that we're implementing, having this enormous pipe going from a very very safe source in the middle of Hastings to Havelock North," says Sandra Hazlehurst, Hastings Mayor.

Its a decision that came following the gastro contamination in 2016 that affected over 5000 people, with four deaths linked to the outbreak.

"From the 2016 campylobacter outbreak we have told them that we are going to invest and improve the delivery of our drinking water supply throughout the whole district not just Hastings and Havelock and we're working on infrastructure on the whole of the Hastings District."

"The safety of the water will be chlorinated but it will also have UV treatment and filters and we're moving away from the Brookvale bores two bores are closed and the third one will be closed when this pipe is pumped to Havelock North."

The hope is that the new water pipeline will be finished in time for Christmas this year.