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Stan Walkers whānau review

  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

The usually confident pop and now movie star is familiar with getting a lot of attention but a screening of the movie Mt Zion with his friends and family almost reduced him to tears.

Thanking his family before the movie began he highlighted the guidance and gifts they gave him, pleading his performance in the movie as a gift from him to their efforts.

Emotions aside it wasn’t long until his co-star Temuera Morrisson pulled out the jokes and jibes.

Māori humour is the common thread throughout the film which tells a story set in 1978 when Walker, known as Turei goes against the norms of his upbringing particularly those of his father played by Temuera in order to chase his dream of singing.

Walker was expected to return to Australia this week but chose to take the movie home to his people first in honour of their support and pride in his career.

One of his kuia was so overwhelmed with his performance she couldn’t hold back her emotion and pride, commending his “great performance’.

While they all realise his singing talent the next big question is whether he will pursue an acting career as well. Stan Walker says he enjoys acting and while he is not saying he’s the best he says he enjoyed it a lot.

The movie racked in over $200,000 at the box office on it’s recent release coming in at number 1 for the day almost doubling the opening day of New Zealands most recently heralded movie ‘BOY’.