Prime Minister hammers protesters

  • Northland

The Prime Minister led the first prayer and paid homage to the noth partners of the Treaty.

There was no delay for the Prime Minster today, perhaps  due to his escort yesterday arriving to prayers late this morning. Prayers had already begun when Titewhai Harawira arrived and peace was maintained in the meeting house.

The dead were remembered as well as those soldiers overseas, the biggest hope was for unity across the country. That aside there were some subtle jibe with Maanu Paul eluding to the issue of water rights.

However in the Prime Minister's Waitangi Day speech he thought otherwise and made the frustration he felt quite clear. He claimed “those headline seekers know that they will get much more attention by being flamboyant and negative than they ever would be by being considered and positive”

However Chair of the Ngāpuhi Rūnanga Sonny Tau says it is difficult for anyone to move forward and remain positive if they are still hurting.

If it’s love John Key was looking for, Pita Sharples was there to rub his back by thanking him for his brave decision to work in coalition with the Māori Party .

However that statement rubbed other people the wrong way and Te Tii Trustee Kingi Taurua says he believes a vote for the Māori Party is a vote for National and called on the Māori Party to take a deep look at themselves and decide where they are heading.

It seems intense deliberations lie ahead for all Political Parties.

Reporter: Maiki Sherman.