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Opponents of Asset Sales aim for referendum

  • Wellington

Opponents of the Governments partial asset sale plan believe they’ii have the numbers to force a referendum before Christmas. Organisers of a petition seeking support for a citzen’s initiated referendum say they’re just shy of the 310,000 signatures required.

Prime Minister John Key says he is still confident the plan will go ahead, however opponents are also just as confident, Green Party co-leader Russell Norman says “ We’ve roughly got a bit over 300,000 now which is basically the number we need, we want to build a buffer beyond that, probably another 50,000 or so and we will certainly get that before Christmas”.

If the petition succeeds the public will get to have their say on partial asset sales. The Government will set the date but they are being pushed to hold a referendum before the share sale of Mighty River Power.

Mana Party Leader, Hone Harawira is getting in behind the petition and is calling for as much support for the petition as possible, he says “if we all don’t sign this petition, tomorrow the fresh water will belong to the Chinese”

Coupled with the Maori Council stoush in the High Court against this issue set to begin in November the problems and road blocks continue to build for the Government’s goals. Harawira says” Maori and supporters have managed to delay the sales which has allowed the rest of the nation to sign the petition so we can stop assets sales”.

Time will only tell how this particular war will be won.