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Mt Zion Premiere in Auckland

  • Auckland

The event saw the entire cast and crew responsible for putting the film together reunited for the first time in almost a year.

For Te Arepa Kahi, one of the film's producers, it was an event that brought with it excitement and had his emotions on a high after a very long journey of bringing his dream to fruition.

Last night, the cast and crew, along with some of the Pukekohe community, got to see the film for the first time, and for many, it was the first time they had ever seen themselves on the big screen.

For Troy Kingi, who plays Hone, this was a first time experience , he says he never set out to be an actor and was just told to act natural in the movie which was exactly what he did.

Te Kāea was there on the first week of filming and has kept in touch ever since.  Director Te Arepa Kahi told us that with the success of this movie, the nation should be expecting more from him. He also says the New Zealand Film Commission has already agreed to provide funding for another project he has in the works at the moment.

There’s no doubt this experience is just the beginning for many of the actors in Mt Zion which will be released nationwide on Waitangi Day.

Reporter: Rahia Timutimu