‘Mt Zion’ to hit cinemas next month

  • Auckland

In just 25 days, Mt Zion is due to premiere and it seems the rest of the world will not be the only ones seeing the film for the first time as two of its main characters are yet to see the full and final cut of the film.

Stan Walker says he is extremely nervous and excited and the anticipation of the movie's release is keeping him going. The same sentiment is shared by his co-star Temuera Morrison who says while he too is nervous he's confident the entire team put their heart and soul into creating an amazing piece of work.

The film follows Turei, played by Walker who dreams of becoming a musician. However his father, played by Temuera has different ideas and believes he should instead focus on family and potato farming. Stan Walker says the core essence of the film relates to whanaungatanga and the strong relationship his character has with his father.

After viewing some of the scenes it would be easy to assume Walker is a seasoned actor, but this is his first feature film and he is preparing himself for the mountain of feedback he will no doubt get after its release. He says: “ I know people will tell me how I was, I'm not an actor, but I learnt heaps”.

Throughout the making of the entire film the major highlight for Stan was being able to work among Māori, speak his language and be immersed in the Māori world, something he has found very hard to do living in Australia.

The film’s premiere will take place on the 4th of February, and the release to cinemas around the country will take place on the 6th

Reporter: Rahia Timutimu.