Topic: Welfare

Kuha hunger strike continues

  • Northland

What began as a rejection for a $40 food grant ended in Sam Kuha returning to the Kaikohe WINZ office and taking to the windows with a sledgehammer over two weeks ago.

As a result Sam Kuha mounted a hunger strike for what he says are the "many starving children going hungry due to social welfare reform being implemented by the Minister of Social Development". Since the beginning of his hunger strike, support for Kuha's cause has grown leading to the establishment of a bank account open for donations from those wanting to contribute to his cause.

Kuha also attempted to confront the Minister face to face at an event she was scheduled to appear at in Auckland last week, however his attempt was blocked and he was unable to locate the Minister. At this stage Bennett is refusing to comment on his particular situation as she has not received a privacy waiver, but regardless Mr Kuha has vowed to continue starving himself until the Minister agrees to hear what he has to say..