Deadly tornado strikes West Auckland

  • Auckland

The tornado hit Whenuapai just after midday ripping roofs from houses and was then reported to have strewn more debris around Henderson.

The names of those who died in the storm are unknown however Police say they died after a limestone wall collapsed on their truck at a building site. They are all believed to have been construction workers.

Civil Defence is reporting the tornado has caused over 11 million dollars worth of damage and the clean up in the area is underway.  

Residents were put on high alert after the tornado struck yesterday amid fears of another tornado. One man who was at work on a construction site who took shelter in his truck when the storm hit says he has never been so afraid as the tornado tossed his truck one way then tumbled it back the other throwing him from the vehicle. Others caught in the storm say while it only lasted around 12 seconds it felt like forever waiting for the terrifying winds to subside.

One resident in Wellingford Way which was one of the areas of Hobsonville caught in the eye of the storm was brave enough to venture out and take pictures of the damage it left in its wake.

Prime Minister John Key expressed his sorrow at the loss of the three men during the storm and Civil Defence Minister Chris Tremain says the Government will do all it can to assist those affected. While the storm has passed he also warns that people must be prepared for events like this in the future as around the same time last year a tornado hit the Avondale area.