New Zealand legislation sought for Māori Wardens in OZ

By Aroha Treacher
  • Australia

Calming tense situations, helping the intoxicated, all this and much more are part of the service Māori Wardens provide.

However, with Māori Warden groups popping up across the ditch, maintaining the reputation and use of the warden brand is paramount.

There are around 900 Māori Wardens in New Zealand.

By law they all come under the governance of the Māori Council and if that responsibility was to spread to Australia, the council would like to see both countries united under the same legislation.

The Queensland Māori Wardens have grown in three years and their president, Rawiri Toko, has plans to establish another Māori Warden group in Sydney.

Some wardens feel, to be a true Māori warden, they must be under the same legislation and same governing body.