Māori family affected by Penrith fires

By Harata Brown
  • Australia

The Rural Fire Service and other emergency services are calling all Sydneysiders to be vigilant.

A Māori woman and her family who reside in Penrith, at the foot of the Blue Mountain Ranges, says at midday Penrith residents were evacuating their houses and they could smell and see ashes from the fire.

It's the seventh day of bush fires in the Sydney Region.  It's been dubbed the most dangerous day thus far.

This morning it was reported, winds reached up to 70km. For those living in the Blue Mountains, emergency services have told families to evacuate and allow fire-fighters the freedom to move through the community to protect homes.

About 120 evacuees have fled townships across the Blue Mountains and are being housed by Government agencies and other emergency services at the Panthers League club in Penrith.