Immigration law still hinders Māori living in Australia

By Harata Brown
  • Australia

Australia's 2001 Immigration Law is still taking its toll on Māori who live across the ditch, and the founder of Māori rights advocacy group, 'Iwi n Aus', says that refugees who arrive in Australia have more rights than NZers.

It's called the land of dreams, but for some Māori, it's a land of nightmares.

180,000 NZers who live across the ditch don't qualify for any social security because of Australia's 2001 Immigration Law.

Erina Anderson of Iwi n Aus says that had her son, who was viciously attacked by foreigners, been left in critical condition; he would have received no financial support.

Iwi n Aus say its main objective is to do all it can to change the law so that Māori may receive benefits and social security, but at present, that goal remains a distant one.