Topics: Politics, Rātana

United front for Mana and Māori parties?

By Heeni Brown

At Rātana Pā, Mana and Māori Party presidents Annette Sykes and Naida Glavish were seen presenting a united front today.

But, when it comes to politics, they still haven't decided whether or not to join forces.

According to Māori Party president, Naida Glavish, “When it comes to gatherings, you can't help but be together but when it comes to politics, it's highly unlikely you'll see it.”

Mana however is not holding their breath anymore.

Mana Party president, Annette Sykes says, "(We) are currently in talks with Labour because we support some of the policies they already have.”

And while there's already been a warning that if Mana and the Māori Party go on their own in the race for Te Tai Hauāuru, it's a sure Labour-win, something either groups aren’t too concerned about.

Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana had always dreamed that Māori would always be united, but that perhaps still remains with Labour as Mana and the Māori Party continue to resist come together.