Topic: Elections

Special voting opens today ahead of Election Day

By Dean Nathan

Advance voting started today and many people around the country took advantage of this opportunity to cast an early vote in the upcoming election.

Voting in advance was the reply from youth in Whangarei to forecast that their demographic won't be voting.

“John Key thinks that us youth from 18-30 won't vote so we just want to have a voice and be heard,” says Manaia Rapana.

Pereri Tito says, “Perhaps he's wary the tide will turn and his words may come back to haunt him.”

After his second debate with the Prime Minister last night, Labour leader David Cunliffe was waiting for Election Day to cast his vote.

“Our advice is vote early, get the job done and you know that your vote will help build a better NZ,” says David Cunliffe.

Across the country, about 300 polling booths opened their doors today, but despite the start of voting, it's estimated well over 300,000 people are still to register.

Pereri Tito says, “Casting your vote for a party or a candidate to be your mouthpiece should be a very important matter for all of us.  So if you don't vote, then you should remain silent.”