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Rugby World Cup Alcohol Bill passes

A bill concerning alcohol licensing rules for the Rugby World Cup has completed its third reading.

This now means that bars will remain open to serve alcohol during the Rugby World Cup which kicks off next month. 

It was a rushed, last-minute legislation that was rushed through Parliament and ended with a 99-21 vote in favour last night. 

Pubs will be allowed to open an hour before games and after the final whistle, without having to gain a special license.

There are, however, some conditions. Beer gardens and courtyards must remain closed and there will be no outdoor speakers.

MP's responded to the bill during the second reading. Maori Party MP Marama Fox said Parliament was giving too much carte blanche to license holders and some restrictions should be put in place.

Green MP Jan Logie said Parliament should have allowed bars to open but not let them sell alcohol during the rugby games saying while rugby was a religion in New Zealand, every service did not have to hold communion.

September 21 will see New Zealand play their first match of the World Cup against Argentina at 3:45am (NZT).