Topic: Politics

Rūātoki raids remain unresolved

By Maiki Sherman

The Rūātoki raid in 2007 is an issue that cannot be separated from the settlement of grievances between Ngāi Tūhoe and the Crown.

It's been six years now since the raids with the anniversary just last week. However, despite that passing of time the issue remains unresolved, and a report by the Human Rights Commission is being awaited by Ngāi Tūhoe. 

Te Kaea requested an interview with the Human Rights Commission, but the request was declined.

It also is yet to set a date regarding the release of its report. The Human Rights Commission has long said that before publishing its own report, it would await the release of that by the Independent Police Conduct Authority. It has been five months since that time, despite meetings with Ngāi Tūhoe soon after, the wait continues. 

Ngäi Tühoe's deed of settlement will go to the Mäori Affairs Select Committee for public submissions. Tamati Kruger says there will undoubtedly be some who air their discontent, but he isn't worried.