Opposition MPs take aim at National's proposed $3 billion tax cut package

By Heta Gardiner

Opposition MPs are furious that National is looking to campaign on a $3 billion tax cut package next year.

Labour and the Greens say this won't address more pressing issues like Auckland's housing crisis.

Opposition MPs believe that an initiative costing billions is a waste of money.

Labour’s Rino Tirikatene says, “Once again it's John Key dangling a carrot out in front of Kiwis.”

The Prime Minister hinted today that they might be looking at a $3 billion tax cut next year.

It isn't clear what income bracket the tax cuts will target.

Despite that, the MP for Te Tai Tonga feels this ignores more pressing issues.

“How is 3 billion dollars of tax cuts going to lift our whānau out of poverty? How is it going to make sure we maintain a world class health system?”

Green MP Marama Davidson says, “This is an initiative that caters to a small minority, not the majority.”

Davidson adds, “Money should be spent on addressing the Auckland house price crisis, and feeding our kids in schools. “

However, the Prime Minister has defended the notion of tax cuts.

“I think the pressure for tax cuts will grow over time. I think as average wages rise, and they get closer to that top personal rate, that it's unacceptable to be getting the average wage, and paying the top personal rate.”

Prime Minister John Key has stated that there will be no tax cuts in the upcoming budget.