Topic: Elections

NZ First election campaign takes a swing at foreign investors

By Ripeka Timutimu

NZ First has also launched its election campaign and Winston Peters came out swinging against foreign investors using a racial slur to highlight his position on the matter and he had babies in mind, even though most of his supporters are a lot older.

Though the elderly made up most of NZ First's supporters today, the atmosphere among the crowd was just as electric, and in true Winston Peter’s style, he charmed the crowd with his wit and smooth talk, but are his supporters enough to get the political veteran back into the house?

Winston Peters looked confident as he began his march back to Parliament. Foreign land ownership took centre stage.

While he is no stranger to controversial remarks a statement made by the NZ First leader at the launch today raised a few eyebrows when he told the crowd, "two wongs don't make a right."

When questioned about the remark he brushed it off as humour.

Standing by his words that Māori should be in the same boat as everyone else, Winston is backing his Māori candidates standing for general seats.

Winston is staying silent on which electorate he will be standing in, but there's one seat he won't want to give up, and that's the seat of the kingmaker in six weeks’ time.