Northland residents cast their vote in by-election

By Maiki Sherman

Tonight, the question will be answered as to who will win the Northland by-election.

Voting closes at 7pm and already over 11,000 people have cast early votes.

Te Kāea political reporter Maiki Sherman is in Russell and says she and her cameraman went to a voting hall in Whakapara, a small community north of Whangarei. While there weren't queues of people lined up out the door, there was certainly a steady flow and they experienced a  similar situation in Russell.

What they did see showed  people have taken a great interest in this by-election. 

However only one horse will win the race for Northland. Shannon Pene says whoever it is, there's a big job ahead of them.   

“I just had to come in today, I think a lot of people are coming in and it's more for our electorate.”

The concern is clear from a other voters over the situation in Northland who told Te Kāea.  

“We want to see some more action, we're sick of talking I think a lot of people are getting up and arms about it and I notice in just the general conversation with friends.”

They're looking for a leader in the winning MP, one who has a major focus on children including those living in poverty. Another voter Te Kāea spoke to says, “This thing about not eating in our country, that's wrong, that's wrong, we have all these farms we have all this food, good water, and our kids are starving? That's wrong.”  

Both old and young members of the electorate turned out to put their thoughts into action. They told Te Kāea..

“I think jobs stability, especially up North here.”

“We're going to be the next lot of adults so we need to take an interest in who's running the country.”

It won't be long before the Northland train pulls in and we see who emerges victorious.