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Negotiations begin as the two main parties vie to form a government

By Election Aotearoa

With the results of Election 2017 still unfolding, coalition negotiations will now begin as the two main parties vie to form a government.

National was the big winner on the night with Bill English winning even more votes than John Key when he swept to power.

Bill English's position today is so much stronger, as an elected leader who ran a text book campaign.

National's coalition partner, the Māori Party, was the biggest single loser and is now out of Parliament.

While Jacinda Ardern singlehandedly saved the Labour Party, she knows that just a third of New Zealanders is not enough votes to give a mandate to govern.

No doubt she will be under pressure from her caucus, who dream of being in the Beehive, but it's just not realistic.

But what could they offer Winston Peters, the most experienced MP in Parliament? Prime Minister is something he's never had before.

What can the Nats offer him – Deputy Prime Minister?

Labour’s 12 Māori MPs, who identify strongly with being Māori, now have to deliver for Māori.  Can they?

Labour has to appeal to the whole of NZ.  Even Labour agrees National has been better on Treaty issues than Labour.  So what will they do for Māori?