Topic: Kapa Haka

Māori Party co-leader explores issues facing Māori in OZ

By Heeni Brown

Māori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell met with Māori leaders, groups and whānau in Sydney today to discuss legislation which was passed in 2001 making it harder for them to gain access to Government support in education, social welfare and work.

Five representatives spoke with Te Ururoa Flavell, co-leader of the Māori Party laying out the major issues they are facing Māori in Australia. Te Ururoa told our reporter Heeni Brown that he has travelled to Australia to listen to Māori living there and gage some perspective on challenges they are confronted with living there.

According to the group Iwi in Aus, a group that fights for the rights of Māori living in Australia, the majority of the problems stem from the fact they are now unable to obtain Australian Citzenship.

Thousands of Māori are due to attend the Australia National Kapa Haka Competition in Australia tomorrow. Many of those  set to attend moved from New Zealand to Australia in 2001.

It's hard to say what will happen next and whether or not Te Ururoa will be able to settle the issues he’s been presented with but members of Iwi in Australia believe it's a good start