Mana Dotcom - Could it be on the cards?

By Maiki Sherman

Mana Dotcom, that's the latest political name being bandied about in politics, as Mana leader Hone Harawira considers working alongside German billionaire Kim Dotcom's Internet Party. It's an idea that's raised eyebrows not only amongst the general public, but within the Mana camp as well.

As Hone Harawira speaks of these Moerewa students, there's also talk of Mana 'toying' with the idea of working with KimDotcom and it's said what's 'beaming' is the money.  

Mana party leader, Hone Harawira said that “If he [DotCom] is committed to his stance that he will fight John Key and National, we are here as close allies.”

At the beginning of this year, Hone Harawira met with KimDotcom in Auckland. Hone Harawira says money was not discussed but rather issues of similar concern.

However, KimDotcom's wealth is certainly undeniable, something Hone Harawira's executive assistant at Parliament, Jevan Goulter, noted all too well. He said despite helping KimDotcom "a fat white rich prick with a bunch of money" … "it would obviously help MANA to". However, it seems the party's thoughts are divided as former MP Sue Bradford says she will leave Mana if the two align.   

Hone added, however, “at the moment we don't know what his policies are, who his candidates are, all of those things, so Mana is going to follow its path and if he has something to discuss with us in future, he can call us.”

Next month Mana will hold its AGM whereby issues such as this be discussed, as the general election nears.