Topic: Politics

Mana and Māori party put feuding aside

By Heeni Brown

The Māori Party and Mana have put aside two years of feuding to agree to support a poverty and unemployment policy. But the details of the policy are yet to be decided.

The party’s leaders have come together however there is still no sign whether or not Te Ururoa Flavell and Hone Harawira have made amends.

Mana leader Hone Harawira believes, “the opportunity to meet is always a good start you never know where it can go.”

Even though Hone Harawira left the Māori Party in 2011 in protest of the Māori Party's relationship with National, the Māori Party are trying to defuse the feud between the two parties.

Ken Mair of the Māori party, feel’s it important to sit down with other parties.

The parties have agreed to support a flagship of poverty and unemployment policy, Mana President, Annette Sykes joined Te Kāea to outline how constructive she believed the meeting was.