Topic: Politics

Labour's Māori Caucus deliberate on new ranks

By Maiki Sherman

A Māori MP for the Labour Party says it's more difficult for them to climb the list ladder given their specific focus on Māori voters and their unique issues. 

Today, Labour MPs got their first chance to deliberate their new roles and our political reporter, Maiki Sherman, went along to the Māori caucus meeting.

A glass of water to toast a rise in the ranks.  Yes, it seems the Labour's Māori MPs are looking forward to the feast ahead.

Louisa Wall has rapidly climbed the ladder, going from 31 to 16 on the list. She agrees her Marriage Equality Bill paved the way.  Two steps up for Shane Jones to number five.

The same for Nanaia Mahuta to number nine. She's been charged with the portfolio for Treaty settlement development.  Not a relatively new job given her position on Waikato-Tainui's review board.  

Moana Mackey has been listed at 19. However, newcomers Rino Tirikatene and Meka Whaitiri remain in apprentice roles. 

However, according to Rino Tirikatene it's a more difficult for Mäori MPs to rise in the ranks. 

Meka Whaitiri says Louisa Wall's bill may be the example.  

Yes, Labour says it's a new dawn and they're on the campaign.