Topic: Politics

Labour's Best Start scheme turns heads

By Maiki Sherman

It was a full house with everyone all ears as David Cunliffe delivered his address, and as Labour's hunger for a win grows, so too do the promises they laid on the table. 

Under Labour's scheme, Best Start:

Families receiving a combined income under $150,000 will get $60 per week for the first year of their child's life.

For some families that will continue up until three years old. 

Free ECE hours will also increase from 20 to 25.

And paid parental leave will extend from three months to six months.

However, where there are big promises there are also big costs.  The policies also won't come into effect until 2016. 

David Cunliffe focused strongly on children in his address today and, although they aren't voters, their parents will surely be happy with the news.