Topic: Elections

Labour launches election campaign

By Maiki Sherman

Today the Labour Party and NZ First launched their election campaign.

Te Kāea political reporter, Maiki Sherman, was at the Labour Party launch and Ripeka Timutimu was at the NZ First launch.

At the Viaduct Events Centre today the Labour Party outlined plans which extends their healthcare plan at a cost of $280mil. 

The healthcare policy announced by the Labour Party will impact around 40% of New Zealanders. Indeed, they hope this big policy will get them back into Government.

Over a thousand people turned out for the Labour Party campaign launch and they had just one focus - to change the Government. 

The crux of David Cunliffe's speech was equality for all New Zealanders, not just some.

Labour announced its health policy. It includes free doctors' visits and prescriptions for elderly over 65 years and children under 13 years old. Expectant mothers will also be eligible for free doctors and dentist visits. It also includes increased support for those suffering long term illness.

As the focus on the Māori electorates takes centre stage more and more in this election, Labour's Māori candidates remain steadfast.   

Kelvin Davis says, “The Labour Party slogan "vote positive" is great and I really support it. Others are saying my own campaigning hasn't been that positive but that's not right.”

The Labour bus is now well and truly on the campaign trail.