Topic: Elections

Kumeu hosts rowdy debate as candidates get stuck in

By Maiki Sherman

John Key was almost asked to leave the political debate that took place in Kumeu last night after not following strict guidelines.

Supporters kicked off the debates with their chants, many of which were directed at our Prime Minister, John Key.

Needless to say, no rules applied outside of the hall.

However, inside the "boxing ring", strict rules were put in place.  Yet despite the rules, Laila Harre still managed to land a few blows.

Furthermore, despite the current MP, reigning champion John Key, having more air time, he just couldn't stick to the rules.

Hone Harawira was not impressed, saying “If it were me, I would have thrown him out after the second mistake.”

Kelvin Davis spent the night stressing the same line that Labour's new policies had all been costed and paid for.

The Māori candidates of Te Tai Tokerau also featured in the meeting.

Newcomer, Te Hira Paenga, pushed for a new wave of representation.  While fellow competitor, Marama Davidson, sought support given her list ranking of 15 with the Greens.

Hone Harawira focused on child poverty. “There are many other things that need to be done to eliminate child poverty, we propose feeding the kids as the first step,” he said.

So while some left bruised, it’s the long haul that will reveal who goes the distance and comes away with the win.