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Kiwi pro-Israel group condemns NZ-sponsored UN resolution

By Mānia Clarke

Auckland Pro-Israel blogsite Shalom Kiwi are condemning the government's support of the UN Security Council Resolution 2334 regarding the building of settlements on confiscated lands.

Shalom Kiwi Spokesperson Sheree Trotter says the group is drafting a letter calling on Prime Minister Bill English to condemn the decision that was adopted just days before Christmas.  

With 14 votes in favour and the United States abstaining, UN Resolution 2334 deems Israel's settlement activities to be illegal under international law.  Shalom Kiwi is putting pen to paper to direct their concerns to parliament.

"We would like to see the Prime Minister condemn this resolution, and we would like him to make a statement.  And we would like him to know that there are a lot of New Zealanders who are upset about this," said Ms Trotter.  "The Jews are the first people of that nation, they are the indigenous people.  The bones of their ancestors lie there," she said.  

However, Palestinians also defend their historical and religious rights with regard to the territories in question.  The competing claims are at the heart of the conflict.

"The Palestinians have been oppressed by the Israeli government for a long time," says Taitokerau Bishop, Kitohi Pikaahu, "Now the UN is directing Israel to cease their actions, and not oppress the people of that land."

The resolution's signatories consider the continued building of such settlements as a threat to the fragile 'two-state solution' peace process, which New Zealand supports.