Topic: Business

Federation of Māori Authorities to be reviewed

By Ripeka Timutimu
Traci Houpapa - Photo / File

The Federation of Māori Authorities will be reviewed after financial losses for the year of around $300,000.

Executive Chair of FOMA, Traci Houpapa says, "It will mean new people, a new way of doing things, it will probably mean an entire new approach."

Earlier in the month a letter was sent out to FOMA members acknowledging the profit loss and informing them of plans to stabilise the organisation and set a new strategy/structure.

With nearly 30 years of experience in advocating and representing Māori business, Houpapa says it will be an interesting time ahead.

"What we are really keen to do is make sure we use this opportunity to embrace the next 30 years.  We've got the support of some of our larger members in terms of the development programme."

No doubt the review will be discussed at the FOMA AGM to be held in Wellington later in the year.