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Election Aotearoa: Tū Kotahi initiative praised by Harawira

Mana Movement leader Hone Harawira says a key programme that could help tackle the devastating suicide statistics of youth in New Zealand is the Tū Kotahi initiative.

Tū Kotahi was championed by Mike King a long time advocate for youth and mental health.

In Election Aotearoa's first debate, Harawira said Mike King and his focus would receive the Mana Movement's full backing and support to help address New Zealand’s alarming youth suicide rate.

Addressing the underlying causes of the mental health issues that plague the country were also a major point of discussion for the political leaders.

Candidates were asked what they had to offer to reduce the devastating youth suicide statistics heavily impacting Māori.

All participants agreed the funding for addressing mental health issues was poor,  especially when people were actually in need,

Harawira believed the answer to the mental health problems would not be found in appointing more counsellors in schools.

He believed it would be better addressed by youth.