Topic: Elections

Collins resigns from ministerial role

By Harata Brown

Another email has surfaced with new allegations against Judith Collins.

According to MP Collins, "It seems like every day, both me and the Prime Minister are having to defend myself against false allegations and innuendoes."

Today MP Collins announced her resignation as a Cabinet Minister of Justice, ACC and Ethnic Affairs, saying that she did not want this matter to be a distraction for the Prime Minister or the National Party during the campaign.

Her involvement with the company, Oravida, as well as the surfacing of emails which Collins was partied to with Whale Oil Blogger, Cameron Slater, issued in the Dirty Politics book and the latest which surfaced yesterday that alleges, she undermined the Head of the Serious Fraud Office in 2011, was the final haymaker of troubles that led to her resignation.

MP Collins will continue her election campaign to try and retain her Papakura electorate, but National has been quick to the chase, already filling in all of the ministerial posts MP Collins leaves behind.