Budget 2014 - Labour Leader slams Budget 2014

By Te Kāea

The 'Fudge it Budget' is how Labour Leader, David Cunliffe has labelled this years Budget in Parliament today.

Cunliffe claims the budget has not done enough to help illeviate the pressures of everyday life for hard working low income families and was nothing but smoke and mirrors.

He says the Government continues to 'favour the few at the expense of the many' and also criticised the make up of the budget calling it 'election year cosmetics'.

Cunliffe goes on to say serious long term policy change is what was needed which he claims is missing in the overall Budget 2014.

However Prime Minister John Key brushed off the opposition leaders criticism claiming his response was uninteresting and that the term 'Fudge it Budget' was initially used by Rodney Hide to criticise a 2002 Budget.