Topics: Child Abuse, Politics

Anti-violence protest during Waitangi celebrations

Today, campaigners took the message to the streets.

Hinewhare started early today rallying her troops for the anti-violence protest.

Just yesterday, Hinewhare and her mum, Titewhai, escorted Sir Owen Glen, the founder of the anti-abuse campaign, on to Te Tii Marae.

Not long afterward, the couple were part of the group that escorted the PM, which was anything but peaceful.

While the kuia says she wasn't pushed, pictures taken suggest a different story.

Back to the march, today she claims women are the victims.

Long-time campaigners against abuse were present, including Annette Sykes who said, "I'm here remembering those women who were killed in the past year.  This protest is to remember them."

Anti-violence is one issue that people here support.

The other thing they agree on is that it won't stop until it's tackled from all sides.

Reporter:  Dean Nathan