America decides Obama's the man

After a head-to-head battle and one of the most brutal political campaigns in American history, America has finally decided and Obama emerged on top winning the majority of electoral votes in 2012.  The battle was down to the wire between the Democrats and the Republicans. While this was a huge event for America, the whole world was watching the electoral race closely. At the Chicago Bar in Wellington, American citzens gathered to watch the battle play out and electricity erupted among them once the realism hit that Obama had been re-elected for another four years.

Te Kāea was also in Hawai'i where Barack Obama grew up and it was obvious, at the time, that he easily won the State he grew up in with members of the Mormon community Lai'e say that they were in strong support of the first ever American President to reign from the Island.

Politicians in New Zealand were certain Obama would take it out again despite calls that the race would be a tight one with the Minister of Māori Affairs Pita Sharples saying “my instinct tells me Obama will win.” The Mana Party leader encouraged any voters from New Zealand who had immigrated to America, not to cast their vote for Romney, while Te Ururoa Flavell agreed saying “Māori in America he believed would definitely swing their vote towards the Obama campaign."

While his Presidential speech was inspiring, there is a long road ahead for Obama and his supporters to fulfil the many promises made to the American people, which include improving the economy, and increasing jobs and equity for the country.