Topic: Elections

The aftermath for the minor parties

By Election Aotearoa

In the aftermath of Election 2017, the Māori Party is gone, United Future is gone, Act has one MP, the Greens managed to stay in Parliament and NZ First is the kingmaker.

The Māori Party were criticised for being at the table, but you get even less when you're not even at the table.

Act leader from Ngāpuhi, David Seymour, managed to keep his seat but brought in no mates.

The United Future Party has disappeared into the future, even Damian Light’s movie star looks didn't help.

The Greens entered the election dreaming of replacing Labour as the major party on the left and are now grateful they even made it back.

Winston Peters is in a position to insist on a referendum to get rid of Māori seats, so is Bill English going to turn down the chance at government just because he thinks a referendum isn't a good idea? No.