Youth reconnect with their historical background

By Piripi Taylor

This group of Ngāi Tahu youth is in Banks Peninsular for a workshop-seminar called Manawa Hou. This is a youth initiative for high school students. They will stay at Ōnuku Marae for three days, and travel to places of cultural significance in Banks Peninsular.

The scheme was set in motion at a tribal summit, where youth called for an initiative that would help them reconnect with their Ngāi Tahu heritage, Māori language and protocol.

The students are fortunate to hear about the area's history and historical accounts from Sir Tipene O'Regan.

This workshop is a medium for students to become familiar with a side of themselves they may not have discovered, so they can become fortified in their Ngāi Tahu identity and walk confidentially into the future.