Your questions answered about law changes for earthquake-prone marae

By Ani-Oriwia Adds

News that more than 70% of marae all over New Zealand could be at risk of being shut down or demolished because of new earthquake legislation has raised a lot of questions for Iwi nationwide.

Last week Te Kaea revealed that The Building Amendment Act 2016 imposes tougher rules on all buildings, especially those located in red zones or earthquake-prone locations. This includes many marae who can't afford insurance or to re-build

Due to the massive response we received after the story on Te Kaea was released last week, here are the answers to questions that are being asked.

Disaster Architect Professor Regan Potangaroa from Victoria University explains more about the issues raised.

To view the legislation, click here

Marae are sturdy and made out of wood so why would they be affected by this?

What will happen to Marae if they are earthquake prone?

Where are the high seismic areas? 

What is being done about this? 

Where do marae find funding to make marae earthquake compliant?

Earthquake-strengthening funding

What are some of the reactions from marae to this legislation?