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World’s largest poppy begins to bloom

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

Last Thursday saw the launch of an art project to create the biggest poppy in the world, beside the Auckland Museum.  

After four days it's starting to blossom, and artist Tony McNeight is confident that it will come to fruition.  People of all ages have come and paid their respects in the last four days since the launch of the 'Big Red Poppy'.

It is the face of the youth who launched this project and it's pleasing they want to learn and respect the depth and meaning of the poppy.

According to Tony McNeight, “What's blown me away has been the families and the children, and how engaged the children have been, and the beautiful messages that they're putting down.”

The poppy is the size of a rugby field and discussions are already on the table about where it can be placed permanently.

“We're looking for a home for it at the moment, so we're talking to people about having it as a permanent installation that people can come and enjoy,” says Mr McNeight.