Waka voyagers tell oil testing ship to leave

By Kawekōrero

Te-Matau-a-Māui waka voyagers have made their concerns heard after intercepting the seismic testing vessel Amazon Warrior in the South Pacific Ocean today.

Kawe Kōrero Reporters spoke to Native Affairs reporter Wepiha Te Kanawa who was on-board the waka.

Te Kanawa says everyone on-board the waka hourua was happy about the protest against the Amazon Warrior’s presence in New Zealand.

He says, “The Amazon Warrior is the world's biggest seismic testing vessel. Seismic testing involves explosions under the sea. Te Matau-a-Māui's biggest concern is the effects of those explosions on dolphins, whales and all other marine life”

However Te Kawana is realistic and says, “Te Matau-a-Māui may not be able to stop them but what they are doing is embodying the word 'kaitiakitanga'. That's of utmost importance to them.”

Te Kanawa points out the voyage hasn’t been an easy one.

“I was a bit nervous about this work. The sea is battering our ship, and the wind is strong on the sails of Te Matau-a-Māui.”

“We are afraid but what Te Matau-a-Māui want to do is to move forward. Despite the ups and downs, they want to show the world that they are the people of the land, the indigenous people, and they (Amazon Warrior staff) are on our seas.”

Wepiha Te Kanawa will have a full story for Native Affairs tomorrow night at 8pm on Māori Television.