Unite Union calls on more Restaurant Brand branches to end zero hour contracts

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Today, Unite Union is asking people to sign a letter to be forwarded to restaurant branches McDonalds, BK and Wendys urging them to follow suit with other branches of Restaurant Brands and commit to end zero hour contracts by July this year.  

Other Restaurant Brands such as KFC, Carls Jnr, Pizza Hut and Starbucks have already committed to this.

Unite has 2000 members at the chain and is recommending the new terms to members in a vote to be held over the next week or so.

The Unite team is renowned for its support towards the proposal which states that staff will receive at least 80% of the average hours. This will be guaranteed using a three month rolling average of hours worked up to a maximum of up to 32 hours a week. 

Fast food franchises McDonalds, Wendys and Burger King are still refusing to progress further on this issue. 

Union members at all three of these branches are in total support of coming together to form an industrial and public campaign to convince these companies that they have to completely do away with zero hour contracts.