TVNZ announces preferred independent parties to take over production of Māori and Pacific programmes

By Te Kāea

TVNZ has released a statement announcing its preferred independent parties taking over production of Marae, Waka Huia, Tagata Pasifika and Fresh.

Pending successful conclusion of production agreements with the companies involved TVNZ will be outsourcing production to the following companies:

  • Tiki Lounge, led by Lisa Taouma, is the preferred applicant for Fresh.
  • Tagata Pasifika Ltd, a newly formed company involving a number of TVNZ staff currently working for the in-house Maori & Pacific Programming team, is the preferred applicant for Tagata Pasifika.
  • Pango Aotearoa Ltd, led by Bailey Mackey, is the preferred applicant for Marae.
  • Scottie Productions, led by Megan Douglas, is the preferred applicant for Waka Huia .

According to TVNZ The four companies were selected from a strong field by TVNZ in consultation with government funders Te Mangai Paho and NZ On Air. The companies have also expressed willingness to take on existing TVNZ staff who wish to transfer their employment.

It’s expected that final negotiations will be completed within the next week.